eBook readers, eReaders, digital reading devices – these are some of the names for the device that has reached record high levels of popularity in the last few years. There are literally millions of men and women reading eBooks on a daily basis. These modern readers can download eBooks online or get them by email. According to some statistics, about 20% of Americans have used a tablet to read an eBook. It doesn’t really matter whether you want to become a well-known writer, market your products/services or build a brand new business, creating an eBook is an excellent way to accomplish this objective.

One of the best things about selling eBooks is that once you create an eBook and publish it, you can expect a good income for many years. According to the laws, any eBook you publish on the Internet is copyrighted by the law under your name. In addition, any individual can create and publish eBooks without spending a lot of money (in many cases the process is completely free). In case you want to start your own online business and display your great writing skills, think about writing eBooks.

To start with, you should decide what type of eBook you want to create/publish. Namely, eBooks are available in many categories and genres. Simply choose a topic that you would like to write about. Check at least five online libraries and stores in order to find out the trending topics. It’s crucial to write about something appealing that will grab the attention of different categories of people.

Those who have a website can ask their visitors about the preferred topics. In other words, you can ask them what they would like to read about. Once you get a few dozens of answers, try to write about 10 hours a week on these topics. Don’t forget your target audience. It is also very important to find an interesting title and add new ideas in your eBook once in a while. Making a table of content is a must. We should also point out that there are no strict rules about the number of pages that your eBook should have.

The most important thing is to write unique, engaging content that displays your experience, knowledge, and interest in the selected topic. Use a PDF format or some other popular format to save your eBook. Design a visually attractive cover and use the services of experts to proofread your book. The last step is to find a platform to sell your eBook. There are many platforms selling books online out there. As previously mentioned, you can use your own website for this purpose.

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